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Power of Love

Julie Karanfilis

As a small shop and business primarily run during the hours when our three children are sleeping or with our amazing tribe of family and friends... we certainly have to follow our convictions with creating.

Creating room for what matters. Creating room for quality in both the products and services we put our hands to. Creating time for each other. In doing so we create room for what matters. During the moments of curating our Instagram page, photographing the latest products, answering questions and replying to custom orders... we always strive to keep in balance with what our hearts desire has been from the beginning. To make our products available to those who are looking for a fun and functional way to incorporate essential oils and love into their lives.

Maybe you've landed here while scrolling through a home décor blog and we popped up. Or maybe you've been sent here by a friend who has recommended our lovely things to you. (please thank them for us!)

Please know this one thing... we create everything we put our hands to with lots of love. Love for those who surround us. Love for our community and its warmth. And finally love for you. Yes you. You may not know it, but we love you.

That my dear friends is the power of love. Because when the days are long, and the nights are full of to do lists... love always compels us to serve.

Thank you for allowing us the oppourtunity to do just that.

With love, Julie and Peter - We Felt That


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