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Guest Blog with {Stef Stevens}

Julie Karanfilis

Our handmade bracelets and home décor items were designed with essential oils in mind. They are awesome at absorbing the oils and slowly releasing their therapeutic benefits through out the day.

We always recommend using a high-quality oil to receive the MAXIUM benefit of these plant-based super powers! In our home we are devoted to a handful of products and their brands. If you wish to learn more about what essential oil companies we love please let us know via email or reach out via social media.

Below is a blog post from an acquaintance named Stef who is studying to be a board certified aromatherapist. THUMBS UP TO HER! 

The original post can be found here: http://www.simplybystef.com/essential-oil-vs-fragrance-oils/

Here is Stef's article:

Essential oils vs. Fragrance oils

Fragrance Oils

The ugly side of fragrance oils:

  • Fragrance oils are synthetic
  • Fragrance oils may be composed of essential oils, chemicals, and resins
  • Fragrance oils could contain: DPG (Di Propelyne Glycol), Di Ethyl Phthalate,  isopropyl myristate,  other types of phthalates, and/or other carcinogenic chemicals
  • Fragrance oils are protected by the FDA as “trade secrets” – meaning that companies do not have to disclose all of the ingredients in the fragrance oil
  • Fragrance oils lack the natural benefits of essential oils

The good side of fragrance oils:

  • Fragrance oils are cheap
  • Fragrance oils maintain their scent in soaps really well
  • Fragrance oils are easy to work with
  • There are infinitely many combinations of fragrance oils, so that you can purchase any scent you want.

Essential Oils

The kind of ugly side of essential oils:

  • Essential oils are expensive
  • Essential oils can evaporate quickly in soaps and other cosmetics
  • Essential oils can cause certain reactions in soaps

The good side of essential oils:

  • Essential oils are all natural (they are distilled from the leaves, stems, flowers, roots, and fruits of plants)
  • Essential oils have natural therapeutic properties that can be utilized in salves, lotions, natural perfumes, diffusers, inhalers, and rollerballs.
  • Essential oils are researched, documented, and often come with a list of which organic compounds they contain (GC/MS data sheets)
  • Essential oils are great for those whose skin would normally be irritated by products containing fragrance oils*

*Most bath and body product makers use fragrance oils because they are cheaper and offered in a larger variety of scents which to some are more appealing and fun.  But if you want to know what is going on and into your skin than do NOT use fragrance oils.

Simply by Stef only uses essential oils.  And only ever uses essential oils that are guaranteed kid safe for products that will be and are for children.

Because I am studying to be a certified aromatherapist, all scent combinations are blended by myself, custom to YOU and YOUR needs and to support your wellness NOT to prevent, treat, or cure.

So, let me create something for you.



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