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Spicy Oils and Mold

Julie Karanfilis 2010 daycare first time gamechanger mold oils

When new to the wonderful world of essential oils, it is easy to become bombarded with "things" that can "help" you with your oils. I remember when I first started using them (well, not the first first time, because that's an exaggeration) but... I remember thinking : THIS IS SO AMAZING / SLASH / OVERWHELMING! I had wanted to keep the nasty bugs out of our homedaycare and a friend at church was mentioning her personal success with a "thieves" blend of clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon bark, orange, rosemary and a few others... I leaned in close and ended up buying a bottle!

After taking it home, I immediately began cleaning with it, and rubbing it topically on the bottoms of my feet before bedtime. The smell was so amazing, and I loved knowing it was "killing stuff" while I slept. Little did I know that opening up that one bottle would lead to a life-changing path. Soon after that first bottle, I realized we had black mould growing in our cold cellar! By habit and instinct I ran for the bleach bottle... but had a moments pause and remembered my little brown bottle!

The "Miss Frizzle" {Magic School bus anyone?!} in me was like... experiment time! I took a 1/2 cup of undiluted bleach and a paper towel and rubbed it all over half of the black patch under our front stairs. The other half, I used 3 drops of the spicy-smelling essential oil blend and rubbed it al over the other half. After about 6 hours I went down to see what had taken place... to my surprise... both black areas had drastically improved... but the "spicy side" was nearly gone! Door shut. Case closed. Right?? Wrong!

About a week later I needed some jars from the cellar and looked up to see that the spot I had thought I had taken care of had changed yet again... only this time it was the bleach side. It had retreated back to being blackish and actively growing mold. The "spicy side" however remained 98% mold-free. During that time frame, I had ordered an oil diffuser through my friend, and was using it daily for the daycare.

When the kids went home that night, I took it and using an extension cord rigged it up in my cellar with some spicy oil inside and set it for a 8 hour bombing session. In the morning, before the children arrived, I went down to see the results.

GONE! The mold was ALL GONE! My mind was like: HOLY DYNAMITE STICK BATMAN! My heart was like: Thank you Jesus for essential oils!

Since those early days, I have learned so much about the incredible power of essential oils and have given them room in our lives to be so many things for us. We now are in the healthy habit of reaching for oils when anything comes our way. We laugh around here, but we often say: There is an oil for that... while walking to our "non-medicine-medicine-stash".

To say I am thankful for that first encounter would be an understatement. More to come on how oils have been serious game changers for us!

xo, Julie


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