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Emotional Pain. Physical Results.

Julie Karanfilis

Cork floors. Kushy felt ball rug. Water🍋. A few days ago I knelt uncomfortably in this spot. Shifting my weight from side to side for 5 hours as a received my level 2 reiki certification. 🙏🏼. Pain is often an indication of an emotional issue being manifested in the body. As someone who is constantly in pain, my hips have been bothering me since our last child was born 4 years ago. I’ve put on a significant amount of weight during the last pregnancy, and I haven’t lost any of it. I get temporary relief from fascia stretch therapy, Thai massage, and other Physiotherapy. I’m currently looking for a local chiropractor or body worker who knows the female body, post-baby and can provide me with some answers of why everything feels so incredibly stuck. I also have a sense of awareness that this is also an “internal emotional stuck” that is deeply rooted into my brain. Nothing that God can’t coach me through, and I am totally open and willing to face whatever inner fears and brokenness that He desires to bring perfect white light to. Have you ever had a moment of clarity? In your mind or body? When there was a state of flow and you knew you were on the right path? I desire after that. The flow state. 


I relaize this blog post is a little bit jungly, and not exactly grammatically in its own state of flow, but I’m OK with imperfection and mess. 


Can we agree that the more more I get my words out of my head, and open, the more I can put away my own pride, shame, and expose my vulnerability... the sooner I flow into healing. 

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