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It takes a village!

Julie Karanfilis

Since starting We Felt That, droves of family, friends and strangers (but now friends!) have offered their help in making this project what it is today. 

For people who know me, they see that I am a mom of three young children (currently ages 9, 3, and 14 months). They know I always host an international homestay student during the school year. They know with all the special needs, cares, demands, and work that goes into being a busy parent that I must be "tired, so tired..." and ask "when do you sleep?" "how to do you all of that" and "don't you think you are a little busy".

Hey... I am not being a hero here. My husband backs me up 100% and recently took his work week and cut it in half so I can work my business during "working hours" rather than late at night. (hugs!)

I have an incredible support team that gathers when I need to put on my big-girl business socks and get stuff done. Both sets of our parents are incredible. They swoop in and fold 9 baskets of laundry at a time, while making dinners and minding the kids. I have amazing mama-neighbours who send me random messages that they are free to lend a hand if needed (and I always say yes!). I have jr. assistants who help construct craft-show items during the busy holiday season, and offer building support when large bulk-orders come in. I have met wonderful people, who suddenly introduce me to their family, clear their schedule and make bracelets for the Roof4Ghana Project. 

I catch myself thinking: "why do these people want to help?" I recall from my training in college that people will always give to vision, but rarely to need. Yes, I need them... but they see the deeper meaning, the bigger picture.

They see our vision.

They see that we are truly devoted to getting essential oils into the hands of anyone who is open and willing to listen about their benefits. They see the need for consistent usage and find the value in our products. They see the core heart of our grassroots efforts with collaborating with Roof4Ghana. People can see the integrity and heart behind our products, and know the goal is nothing but love and sharing the good vibes.

So I thank you. I thank each and every one of you. Whether you are a devoted and crazed customer who had one of everything (shout outs to the Natural Living Team with Jenny S, Julie A down in AK, and the crazy Manitobans who can't seem to get enough of our stuff!)

You are who fuel my mind with reasons to create. To all of the helpers. Both big and small... you have so deepened my appreciation for the word "tribe". Without you I would have piles of orders, laundry and emails. All of this is ours. All of this is US. 

I love that the name of our business is WE Felt That. We is a collective word, embodying all of us, feeling these moments, emotions, memories and ideas.

You are all the WE in WE FELT THAT. 

Thank you! Julie xo

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