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"It was an act of God"

Julie Karanfilis

We officially started Roof4Ghana on October 1st of 2016, and the last couple months have been some of the most amazing months of my life. It has been a lot of hard work, but so rewarding. By the middle of November, we had raised almost 2000 USD through bracelet sales, donations, make & takes, vendor sales, and bake sales!!!

Through social media, a woman from Florida, whose daughter volunteered at Anmchara, was able to contact me about making a donation. I remember the night I called her. She was asking how much we raised and how much we needed to reach our goal. She discussed how attached to this library she is, as she is a librarian and she donated the majority of the books for it. She said she had a talk with her husband and then the words “we would like to donate the rest of the money to reach your goal” came through the phone. I remember holding back tears of joy. After the phone call, I broke down in the happiest of tears.

I had the privilege of calling Godwin, the headmaster of Anmchara, to tell him we had reached our initial goal, and we had the money to complete the library (at least we thought so). It was one of the most emotional and memorable phone calls I have ever made. During our phone call, Godwin was discussing how the incomplete library had been sitting there for 8 years… 8 YEARS! You could hear in his voice that he was in complete shock. He has been trying to raise this money for 8 years, and with all of your love and support, we were able to do it in 2 months.

He made the comment that it was not an act of man, but an act of God. The line: “it was an act of God” has really resonated with me. I believe God brought Julie and I together to start this project, and I could not be more proud of our success. (Check out the video of the phone call on our Facebook page: Roof4Ghana)

With that said, we have surpassed our initial goal of 2700 USD. This figure came from an older estimate, which when Godwin went to start the construction of the library was no longer accurate. We have also decided we don’t want to just build this library, but we want to make sure it is successful and sustainable. Phase #2 of our project includes raising the money for the tin roof, secure doors and windows (to protect against break-ins), tables, chairs, shelves, and possibly a librarian. We are therefore still selling Roof4Ghana bracelets and collecting donations. We have all new bracelets for you in 2017!

2017 is the year of the library!!!! By the end of 2017, our goal is to have this library complete, full of books, and full of students reading and studying.

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