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Learning Tools for a Strong September Start

Julie Karanfilis Children Learning Resources September Set up for Success Start Strong Teaching Tools

A wonderful friend of mine recently introduced me to a fabulous website that is FULL of FREE printables, workshops, tips, and advice for children with attention and learning issues. We as educators and parents are always looking for ways to set our children up for success.

Let me share the link here:  https://www.understood.org/en 

The parts of the website I have been using this week are based on September readiness and building up and identifying the strengths of our children 

I also found this really handy "10 question quiz" section that really helped me recognize why having one of our children repeat a grade may not be the best thing for them. I was pushing for a grade repeat, but after understanding the motives behind my thoughts, versus what the effect would have on our child, I have shifted my approach. 


Please head over to their website and use their resources to you and your child's advantage. In the following weeks leading up to September, we will be writing a few blogs about more resources to use for a strong start.

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