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Seasonal Support

Julie Karanfilis allergies lavender lemon nose peppermint seasonal threats sneeze support

For anyone who suffers from the symptoms of seasonal threats knows all too well the itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezes and skin irritations that come with it all.  My family has found a few key essential oils that are able to aid and assist in these areas. From about mid-march and onwards until after the pollen-season of the local fruit trees is well behind us... we use lemon, lavender and peppermint. We diffuse it, we wear it on our essential oil diffusing jewelry, we take it in our glass water bottles, and we use it in a gel cap. 

As always, be a student of your own body, and do your own research like we have. 

Here are a few articles with links that will provide you a way to get started.


If you are interested in purchasing some of these supports, please head over to our store site where you can purchase them directly and have them shipped to your door.

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