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Little Jack Diffuser Bracelet

Little Jack Diffuser Bracelet

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Meet Little Jack!

Jack is an active, sweet and caring little 🐒 spunky-monkey 🙊  who only stays still when he's eating and sleeping (and even during those times he seems to be moving!) Jack has been finding is difficult to adjust to the new routine of being away from his parents, and has been struggling with his emotions of saying goodbye. Jack's incredible parents use essential oils in their home consistently to help with his emotional ups and downs, and were looking for a way to keep oils close to Jack while they were out and/or and away at work. 

This piece is designed to help you equip your child. It's fun and functional and allows them to wear their essential oils during their day. May parents have used our bracelets as a method of keeping their kids focused while at school, repel bugs while outdoors, uplift a case of the crusty-attitude-times, or calm during times of anxiety or frustration.

With Little Jack, you can take aromatherapy where ever you go. We encourage parents to teach and train their children how to use the bracelet to their own benefit, by prompting them to smell their wrist when needed. The topical benefits are also present, as the bracelet rests against your child's skin while wearing. As you continue to prompt them, they will develop a habit of using their bracelets for a successful part of their day.

How to Use:
We ask that adults always apply the oils onto their child's bracelets. Oils can be harmful if used improperly, and we strongly suggest you educate your child so they understand the risks and power of essential oils. Adults, to use, simply add a drop of essential oil onto the palms of your hands, and rub into the bracelet's porous wool and/or lava beads.

You can expect high-quality essential oils typically last beyond a day or two. Some wood derived oils can last up to a week!


  • Please choose a measurement from our drop-down menus.
  • Dyed howlite and lava are the materials used in this bracelet.
  • If you are an adult and are drawn to the fun colours in this bracelet or want to do a mommy & me or daddy & me bracelet, please use the drop down menu and add the preferred sizes to your cart.

* Notes * 1. The intended age and usage for this bracelet is completely up to the individual to deem appropriate or not based on the child. We assume absolutely NO responsibility for any harm, misuse, breakage, loss, or injury this piece may be involved with. Buyer and user assumes all risk.
2. Because of the made to order handmade nature of the bracelet, and the natural stones we use, the exact beads may vary from piece to piece. The pattern, composition and look of the bracelet will be as close to the listing photos as possible. Any drastic alterations due to supply will be communicated to you in photo and written form prior to shipping. Thank you for stopping in. xo


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