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Our Story

We are a young family of 5, with a vision full of sunshine☀️  and love❤️  towards you and your family. 

We began making handcrafted essential oil jewelry when we saw the need for consistency in using the essential oils in our family. Keeping them close to our hearts and home has allowed our family to live in greater health on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

8 years ago we began using essential oils in our home daycare with a simple diffuser and cotton balls in the forced air vents!

After 4 successful winters with minimal illness (that's kind of a big deal with having 5 toddlers at your feet), the daycare parents knew we were onto something! They began their journeys with essential oils alongside us.

As forever students, we have developed our understanding of the oils over time, and are continually amazed at their abilities to aid and assist the body. 

Once our son began school, we realized we needed to get creative with how we were going to keep the oils in his life, away from home… Enter We Felt That! 

After playing with some wool roving from a local weaver in Jordan Station, we began rolling felted balls at night time to make wearable items for our son and his classmates. Parents wanted to get in on the action too, knowing the function and form was cute and trendy...and the rest as they say is history! 

Since then we have embraced sustainably sourced lava stone as wonderful addition for diffusing the wearing essential oils. Both wool and the lava stone are able to absorb and effectively diffuse essential oils over the course of a few days. 

If you have ANY questions about oils, the jewellery and home decor we create please reach out to us.


Love + peace and oils, 
Julie and Peter - Ontario, Canada