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Essential Oils 101

Are you new to essential oils?

Welcome! We are naturally forever students of the world around us. As parents of young children, public speakers, and active community members we have discovered that the information we collect as we go along is valuable and helpful. We trust you will find this information as an addition to your own research and personal growth and development. Please use your own instincts, trust the process and lean into many resources to develop and nurture your own journey.

Essential Oils are derived from leaves, bark, flowers, roots, stems and other parts of the whole plant. They are the highly concentrated, healing liquid of plants; the true essence of aromatherapy and other natural, physical and psychological therapeutic practices. The body was designed to heal its self. When you get a cut, it goes to work keeping bacteria out, forms a scab and beings to build back the skin. Essential Oils work with the body, and aid and assist the process of self-healing.

When plants grow and are damaged, the same reaction happens. For example, when a tree branch is cut off, the tree begins to react in protection mode, forming a visual scab as well. Other times, if an insect is attacking a plant, it will use its own protective systems to repel the unwelcome pest.

As science always mimics creation and nature, we have learned what plants can help advance our own human needs to protect, heal, build up immunity, lens support, and regulate. 

In the case of human use, the chemical composition of essential oil molecules carefully infuse our lungs when inhaled and are absorbed through the skin and end up in the bloodstream to deliver efficient and effective healing benefits. It's a beautiful process, and we are forever thankful for God's hand in the incredible gift of essential oils. 

As we know, for thousands of years, essential oils have been part of natural medicine. Documentation as far as Biblical times and beyond have all pointed to the use of oils for healing, calming, anointing, cooking, embalming, and so on. 

As these plants are grown and harvested throughout the world, each essential oil is hand selected and purposefully chosen from its indigenous place of origin, to maximize therapeutic potentiality. As a farmer at heart, I know that certain plants thrive in certain soil conditions far greater than others. Growing conditions greatly (and often vastly) affect the plant's ability to fight off disease, bugs, respond to drought, grow fruit, etc.

The company we trust takes this concept to a whole new level by harvesting their plants from well-supported local communities in ideal going areas native to the plant's origin.   They ensure the entire process is monitored, honoured, and hold standards well-above what the industry has set for quality. For example, lavender is grown best in warm, high-altitude, hilly rocky soil, that is well-drained and has a constant flow of breezy air. The hills of Bulgaria is the perfect climate.

That way, the plant can concentrate all its energy on growing up strong and thrive... rather than focusing on bugs or soil condition it was never intended to be grown in. 

Choosing an oil company that you can stand with is essential for your family. I encourage you to learn as much as you can, use valid, university-journal based websites (not just someone's opinion from a blog you read)... and decide if essential oils are right for you and your family. Wanting to get started?

Use this link and we will guide you along your journey

I wish you well on this journey,