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FAQs for Jewlery

1. How do I apply the oils to the felt and lava beads once I get it into my hands?

We have put together a brief video to help you learn how to apply the oils. In brief, simply drop 1-2 drops of the oils into the palm of your hands. Rub your hands together, spreading around the oils, warming them. Take the bracelet and place in the palm of your hand. Massage the oils into the beads. Voila! You've just infused your bracelet with 24+ hours of aromatherapy super-powers!

2. How long do the oils last once they are on the beads?

Typically a high quality oil will last 24-48 hours if worm away from water. If using a lower quality oil, expect lesser times and prepare to re apply more often. 

3. What if my piece breaks? Do you have a warrantee? 

All our jewelry and garlands are backed by our "you gotta be happy" guarantee. If for some reason you don't love it, or it doesn't meet and exceed your expectations… we will make it right. In regards to our jewelry... Normal wear and tear occur, and we expect your bracelet to last within normal boundaries. The types of materials we use are of a high quality, and do not contain "dollar store" beads, elastic, strands, etc. We buy our resources from local jewelry and bead shops, as well as a select handful of online, well-researched bead suppliers. I personally have worn one of my first creations for over 3 years now, and its still going strong! This means if your dog eats it, the Dyson vacuum got it because it fell off your night stand, your vitamix blender had a hay-day or you were being generally negligent… we can't really back that up ?

4. What about children wearing your products? Are they going to be safe?

Our business started with serving younger people! We always stand by the rule that parents know their own kids best. Its 100% your decision to let them wear our product. If your child is a "chewer", we would recommend you monitor the use and wear of our product very closely. Wool by nature is anti-bacterial, but washing the bracelet in a mild detergent every so often is recommended. Kids are grimy! I place mine is a bra bag, or a zipped jacket pocket and give it a laundering when I think it needs a refresh! You as the buyer assume all risk after purchasing the product(s).

5. How can I learn more about essential oils?

We are open to talking to you about essential oils! Our story is based on trial, experience and personal testimonials with using them for focus, concentration, muscle aches and pains, mood management, upset body function, and sleep. We are learning more about their incredible benefits every time we use them! Just ask!

6. Do you offer classes or make and takes for locals to make their own?

On a case by case request, we can offer classes. There is a listing for make and takes under the "wellness advocate" section. Just ask! We are in Niagara Region Ontario

9. I'm not a jewlery person, do you have something for me?

Ya baby! Check our our felt ball garlands and "horton hears" ball bunches! They jazz up any room and come in an endless array of colour combinations and sizes! If you don't something that screams "it's made for me!"... Just ask! We are happy to make custom orders too!

10. Do you to wholesale orders?

Yes we do! Our wholesale prices are very competitive and are ideal for boutique shop owners, yoga studios, essential oil leaders (who want to gift their teams!) and we also offer subscription boxes. Simply send us an email at info@wefeltthat.com and we will be in touch.

11. Do you do custom orders?

All the time! We are so thankful to make every person shine with happiness when they see THEIR ideas and colours in a piece! Just ask, we have a HUGE and endless variety of colours and ideas! xo

12. Don't see your question here? Just send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible! info@wefeltthat.com